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Here are some general sources for information. These organizations provide resources on a range of pro-life issues.

Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute
Their "Bioethics Matters" and "Bioethics Update" newsletters offer commentary on current issues in Bioethics. Both are available by e-mail. They also offer public lectures and educational seminars - usually in the Toronto area.

Catholic Canada
An excellent resource for Catholic information in Canada.

Catholic Education Resource Center
An excellent storehouse of articles on all matters of faith and culture, including sections on euthanasia, abortion and sexuality.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF)
As a co-ministry of the Canadian Bishops and the Knights of Columbus, COLF offers well-designed, parish-friendly resources on marriage and bioethical issues.

Family Life - Respect Life Office - Archdiocese of NY
Run by the Sisters of Life, the website has a Clergy Resources section.
Another storehouse of more in-depth articles on Bioethics issues. The site includes sample homilies as well.

The Life Principles
The "Life Principles" is a remarkable approach to presenting a comprehensive pro-life viewpoint. It explores the unique nature and dignity of human beings by identifying four different ways in which persons can view meaning and purpose in life. is an internationally recognized source for current news from a pro-life perspective. Their website also has sections on abortion methods and pregnancy help centres.

Monthly Pro-Life E-Notes For Clergy

National Catholic Bioethics Center
A number of resources are available from the Center:

Ethics and Medics newsletter. Ethics and Medics provides analysis and commentary on matters of current interest in health care, medicine, and law in order to help priests and religious, health professionals, students, and lay Catholics understand and appreciate the moral teaching of the Church regarding life and health. You can subscribe to a print version for a fee, or you may access and print the newsletter free of charge each month.

Bioethics FAQ Section.

They also feature an excellent book selection.

Vivere Publications Vivere
Vivere Publications is a Canadian non-profit organization that publishes, in English and in French, pamphlets, booklets, books, posters and other documents for educating about love and respect for all human life, from the moment of conception to natural death, whether one be handicapped, sick, elderly or not yet born. Their approach is positive, scientific, objective and non-judgemental. Individuals and organizations are welcome to download and copy, free of charge, all publications.

Priests for Life USA
See especially their resource section for clergy and the section "What Priests Can Do to Stop Abortion."

A Pro-Life Canada Index
A directory to Canadian pro-life groups and resources.

USCCB Pro-Life Office
Comprehensive treatment of specific pro-life issues. Resource materials include Church Documents, Fact Sheets, articles, publications, and prayers for pro-life services.

For the Liturgy

Priests for Life Canada offers sample bulletin inserts. You can download them here:
Bulletin Inserts (PDF)

Each week, Priests for Life USA provides an e-mail service to clergy. The e-mail arrives eight or nine days before the Sunday for which it is designed and contains three elements:

You can subscribe to this service by sending an e-mail to You can also access these resources without subscribing by visiting:

At the Parish

Here are some resources to help get the pro-life message out at your parish.

Here are some other places to get pro-life brochures and other materials:
Our Sunday Visitor, USA:
Catholic Truth Society, UK:
Lighthouse Catholic Media:
Life Cycle Books, Canada:

See also our page on "What can your parish do?"

See also the Priests for Life USA page on what priests can do:

Natural Family Planning

Modern NFP is NOT the so-called rhythm method or calendar method. Modern methods are highly reliable and scientifically researched. One of the fundamental principles of NFP is that each woman's fertility cycle contains relatively easy to observe signs, which, if tracked and recorded, can reveal to a couple times of natural fertility and infertility. If you're new to NFP, you should attend an information session in your area for one of the three main methods of NFP:

Another helpful resource is the U.S. Bishops NFP page:

Priests for Life Canada has posters available to help promote NFP in your parish. Click here for more information.

End of Life Issues

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition together with Salt and Light Television have produced an excellent video on Euthanasia entitled "Turning the Tide." It is well suited to parish use. They also offer a "Life Protecting Power of Attorney;" a legally recognized template form that can be used as a Durable Power of Attorney.

National Catholic Bioethics Center
This excellent resource centre offers, among many other things, preaching points on Nutrition and Hydration. See:

They also offer helpful resources on understanding brain death and persistent vegetative state.

In the autumn 2007 edition of their quarterly journal (National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly), they have a helpful article by James DuBois, "Avoiding Common Pitfalls in the Determination of Death.",8,9;journal,6,32;linkingpublicationresults,1:119988,1

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) offers informational pamphlets on Organ Donation, Euthanasia, NFP, Stem Cells, and many other topics.

Wesley J. Smith, an American lawyer and articulate opponent of Euthanasia, offers a helpful and regularly updated audio series called: "What it means to be human."


For an excellent, concise yet comprehensive primer on presenting and defending the pro-life position, see the National Campus Life Network's resource "A Right to Know."

Here is a related article by pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf on presenting the pro-life position in 5 minutes.

For easy to access Canadian info on abortion facts, stats, history, funding and methods, see:

Here's a resource that briefly outlines that Church's consistent teaching on abortion through the centuries:

Finally, here's a link directly to the most recent Stats Can info on abortion in Canada:

Toronto Right to Life's Abortion Information Page is another information resource.

Life Canada conducts Canada-wide polling on the issue of abortion. The latest polling results can be viewed on their website:

For information on pre-natal screening tests and genetic counseling offered to pregnant mothers visit:

Post-abortion Healing

The Elliot Institute offers numerous resources to assist in ministry to post-abortive mothers. They also offer the book: "The Jericho Plan" by David Reardon

The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research is a Toronto-based research group. Of particular note is their excellent book: Women's Health After Abortion.

See also the website "Abortion Changes You"

Rachel's Vineyard, a ministry of Priests for Life USA, offers retreats for post-abortive parents in numerous countries including Canada. Their website offers numerous resources.

Project Rachel is a Catholic post abortion ministry for women and men suffering from the trauma of abortion. In the Catholic context, priests who are specially trained journey with the person through the healing process by way of an innovative development of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, linking together psychological counselling, reconciliation, and pastoral support in the process. Project Rachel is the Church’s way of saying to people suffering from the aftermath of an abortion, “Welcome Home!”

Silent No More is a grassroots organization founded by a group of post-abortive women seeking to reach out to other women by publicly telling their abortion stories.

Pamphlets: The following pamphlets are available for your parish from various distributors (or call Priests for Life Canada for information).


A great single resource book to have is Good News About Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions About Catholic Teaching (Revised Edition) by Christopher West.
Publisher: Servant Publications; Revised edition (June 2004)
ISBN-10: 0867166193

This book introduces Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body and goes on to cover very specific questions of sexual morality.

Another foundational resource is Prof. Janet Smith's newly updated talk: Contraception: Why Not?

Janet Smith has also made available some of her PowerPoint presentation files for use and adaptation:

Here is some concise info on how contraceptive pills, patches and injections work.

See also the resource section on Natural Family Planning for information on morally acceptable means of spacing births for spouses who have grave reasons for doing so.

Artificial Reproductive Technologies

The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers preaching points on IVF.

Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro Technology) offers a highly effective and morally acceptable means of assisting infertile couples. To learn about NaPro Technology and the related Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning, visit the website of the Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Centre or the more general site

Christopher West has a good article that applies John Paul II's Theology of the Body to ART. See:

Stem Cells

The following is an excellent survey article of both the science and politics of stem cell research in the last decade. It is from the November 2008 edition of the journal First Things.

The National Catholic Bioethics Center offers good resources on Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning.

The Mayo Clinic, though firmly in support of embryonic stem cell research, offers a good general introduction to what stem cells are and what they do. offers a good summary page on Bill C-6: An Act respecting assisted human reproduction and related research - passed by the Canadian government in 2004. This Bill effectively leaves all Stem Cell research unregulated in Canada.

For a list of Canadian Charities that support embryonic stem cell research, click here. Please note: this list is not controlled or updated by Priests for Life Canada.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family offers a well-designed handout on Stem Cells, perfect for use in the parish.

See also the Stem Cell resources produced by the Michigan Conference of Bishops. An overview video is available from their site.

Do No Harm, a U.S, based group, offers a storehouse of articles and commentary on Stem Cell research.

Fetal Development

The website offers some excellent images of human development in the womb. They include the latest in 3D ultrasound and Embryoscopy.

"Just the Facts" offers a step by step look at the nine months of development in multiple languages.

Pregnancy Help

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support, there is help available.