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Priests for Life Canada Announces That Summer Internship Positions Are Now Available for Seminarians

For the past few years, Priests for Life Canada has been able to offer a number of summer internships positions to seminarians. These positions will allow seminarians to learn more about "Pro-life issues" and assist Priests for Life Canada in their work of supporting, informing, and empowering Catholic clergy to build a culture of life.

If you are a seminarian or know a seminarian that might be interested in working for Priests for Life Canada for the summer, please encourage them to apply as soon as possible. Placement will normally occur in the seminarian's home diocese and could last from six to twelve weeks (depending on funding and availability).

Only seminarians who have the consent of their diocese and vocation director will be eligible for the program.

Applications will be accepted after the April 25th preferred deadline.

Resumes may be sent to by email to:
or by mail to:
Priests for Life Canada
Deacon Rudy Ovcjak, Operations Manager
P.O. Box 608, Pickering ON L1V 3T3

Mark your Calendars...The March for Life May 8, 2014

Each year at the National March for Life, thousands gather to demand protection for children before and after birth.

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A Report on the 2014 Seminarian Pro-life Congress

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An Update on Bill52 – The push for euthanasia in Quebec

On June 12, 2013, the PQ government of Pauline Marois introduced Bill 52, “An Act Respecting End-of-Life Care” in the Quebec legislature. Though disguised as a bill to deal with the issue of palliative care, make no mistake that this bill is intended to allow euthanasia in the province of Quebec, and potentially open the flood gates across the country.

Before the Bill could be enacted into law, the PQ government called a provincial election. On April 7th, the PQ government of Pauline Marois was soundly defeated. A surprisingly strong victory by the Liberals in Quebec’s election means that euthanasia is off the table for now. Please take advantage of this reprieve to catechize parishioners about the Church’s teachings on life. Consider using the “Just for Life” program at your parish to help with this catechetical work.

Check out the “Just for Life” Parish Resource Kit available from Priests for Life Canada at No Cost. The kit contains all the material you need to put on a Pro-life Information table at your parish. It is a great way to help inform the laity on Pro-life issues. Call us for more information 1.888.300.2007 and order your free kit today.


Many dioceses and parishes across Canada are preparing to implement the "National Pastoral Initiative for Life and the Family" program as developed by the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB) with the support of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF). This program is a special effort by the Canadian bishops to highlight the respect for life message during this "Year of Faith" (from October 11, 2012, until November 24, 2013).

In order to assist this effort, Priests for Life Canada has introduced an "Addendum" to this program. The "Addendum" outlines various Priests for Life Canada programs as well as programs available from other organizations that can supplement this program. Though the "Addendum" outlines many such programs, parishes are asked to consider at least one of these initiatives - or plan whatever initiatives your parish can handle.

See the Addendum Here! (pdf)

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Priests for Life Canada Answers Questions on Incremental Abortion Legislation (including the gestational limits approach)

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Humanae Vitae overview

by Fr. Tom Lynch. Watch the Online video or contact Priests for Life Canada for a free DVD copy.

Priests for Life Canada is an association of Canadian Catholic priests and lay people who give special emphasis to promoting and defending the sanctity of human life. A ‘Priest for Life’ is not asked to leave his diocese or specific ministry.

But isn’t every priest ‘for life’?
Yes, in fact, every person is called to stand for life. ‘Priest for Life’ means that being ‘for life’ is ESSENTIAL to the life of EVERY priest. (Just like, while every priest is for Jesus, there is also a Society of Jesus.)

Why are so many lay people involved in Priests for Life Canada?
Lay people lend support to the operations of Priests for Life Canada. It is also important for Catholic lay people to become involved in pro-life issues. Most information distributed by Priests for Life Canada is designed or directly approved by priests.

What is the purpose of Priests for Life?
Priests for Life brings together and encourages priests and all Catholics to fight the culture of death, particularly abortion and euthanasia.

What specific objectives does Priests for Life Canada have?
Priests for Life seeks to link up priests across Canada who are actively involved in the pro-life movement;

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Pregnant? Need help? Or hurting after an abortion?

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs support, there is help available.

40 Days for Life is a peaceful-prayerful witness for the unborn and their moms. Supporters gather "around the clock" at an abortion clinic for 40 days and nights bringing witness to the plight of the unborn.

Support this effort. Cities taking part are listed at

Just for Life

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Prayer to End Abortion Cards/ Bookmarks are now available.

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Prayer for Life

We worship You, O Holy Spirit, and we rejoice in You. We know no matter how strong the forces of death may be, we can still find in You the endless source of life. Renew that life in each of us, and make us worthy apostles of the Culture of Life in our day! Amen.

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