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Update on Bill 52 - Euthanasia

Representatives of all major Quebec political parties have agreed to re-table the controversial euthanasia bill (Bill 52). The governing Liberals, opposition PQ and centre-right CAQ held a news conference in Quebec City on Thursday, May 22, 2014 to say that Bill 52 will again be presented before the legislature. Now is the time for Canadians across the country to act. What can you do?

Pray: Intercede for the people of Quebec and for their leaders?

If you live in the Province of Quebec, contact your MPP; and

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A Report on the 2014 National March for Life

On Thursday, May 8, over 23,000 citizens, men and women, young and old, gathered together on Parliament Hill and marched through the streets of Ottawa, crying out with one voice for the protection of most vulnerable in our society, the child within the womb. Priests for Life Canada, along with countless clergy and religious marched alongside this great throng, witnessing to the sanctity of human life and urging members of Parliament to enact legislation to protect the preborn. The theme of this year’s march was RU-4Life, which in a particular way urged the Canadian Federal Government to reject the RU-486 abortion drug, which is currently being considered for approval by Health Canada.

This gloriously beautiful day began with Mass that was celebrated at four churches in Ottawa and Gatineau. The board of directors of Priests for Life Canada con-celebrated Mass with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica. There, the sanctuary was filled to capacity with bishops, priests, and deacons, and the Cathedral itself was overflowing with religious and lay people. The Archbishop warmly greeted the faithful and spoke of Pope Francis’ support of this march. He went on to say that “the Holy Father assures us of his spiritual closeness to us as we give witness to the God-given dignity, beauty, and value of human life”.

The homilist for the Mass was Bishop Christian Riesbeck of Ottawa, who spoke of the 4 million children who have been killed since abortion was decriminalized in Canada in 1969. He went on to speak about the abortion drug RU-486, which not only kills the developing child but in some cases leads to the death of the mother. “This does not respect women. If we really respect them, we will come to their assistance, if they are in a difficult situation and see to it that they have what they need to give life to their child”, said Bishop Riesbeck. He continued on, “Most women who procure abortions don’t do so because of freedom of choice but because they feel that they have no freedom and no choice…abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women.”

Prior to the actual march we heard from various speakers, including politicians and clergy, all calling for an end to abortion in our country. Inspired by their message, we walked through the streets of downtown Ottawa witnessing to the Culture of Life. Members of the board proudly marched carrying the Priests for Life Canada banner and many people stopped to take our picture.

That evening, former abortion provider, Carol Everett gave a riveting speech at the Rose Dinner. “How do you sell an abortion?” she asked. “In the US it’s very simple: You do it through sex education… it meant convincing young people at the earliest age possible to see sexuality in an entirely different way than previous generations…” She continued on to describe her role as owner of four abortion clinics in Texas, where an estimated 35,000 children were killed before her conversion to Christ. She gave us a rare insight into the diabolical nature of this industry, where money is the key motivator for many and where psychological manipulation is often used to achieve this goal. In this industry, people earn money on a straight commission basis; so the more abortions that you performed, the more money you made. “We had a goal of 3-5 abortions from every single girl between the ages of 13 and 18…My goal was to get them sexually active on a low dose birth control pill that we knew they would get pregnant on. How do you do that? You give them a low dose birth control pill that, in order to provide any protection, has to be taken accurately at the same time every single day. And you know and I know, there’s not a teen in the world who does everything the same time every day.” She spoke about how the clinic “counsellors” were really trained as telemarketers, whose chief task was to sell an abortion and in doing so would work to address every obstacle that the young mother had regarding procuring an abortion “No one will ever know”. She described the efficiency of the abortion operation, with the one singular goal of maximizing profits. The larger babies were aborted first thing in the morning because the young women required more recovery time. These were also the abortions where they could charge the most money for. The simpler abortions were done later on in the day with brutal efficiency.

She concluded her speech by describing her own conversion and by highlighting the recent gains for the Culture of Life that have been made in the State of Texas. These advances have been a result of the passage of several key pieces of legislation including: the establishment of gestational limits for abortions; the requirement of all abortion clinics to conform to the strict standards of ambulatory surgical centers; and the requirement for abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. The legislative changes have resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of abortion clinics within Texas.

We rejoice in the Lord for these victories and with this encouraging news. May we renew our resolve to continue to do our part in building up the culture of life in this nation.


Many dioceses and parishes across Canada are preparing to implement the "National Pastoral Initiative for Life and the Family" program as developed by the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB) with the support of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF). This program is a special effort by the Canadian bishops to highlight the respect for life message during this "Year of Faith" (from October 11, 2012, until November 24, 2013).

In order to assist this effort, Priests for Life Canada has introduced an "Addendum" to this program. The "Addendum" outlines various Priests for Life Canada programs as well as programs available from other organizations that can supplement this program. Though the "Addendum" outlines many such programs, parishes are asked to consider at least one of these initiatives - or plan whatever initiatives your parish can handle.

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Priests for Life Canada is an association of Canadian Catholic priests and lay people who give special emphasis to promoting and defending the sanctity of human life. A ‘Priest for Life’ is not asked to leave his diocese or specific ministry.

But isn’t every priest ‘for life’?
Yes, in fact, every person is called to stand for life. ‘Priest for Life’ means that being ‘for life’ is ESSENTIAL to the life of EVERY priest. (Just like, while every priest is for Jesus, there is also a Society of Jesus.)

Why are so many lay people involved in Priests for Life Canada?
Lay people lend support to the operations of Priests for Life Canada. It is also important for Catholic lay people to become involved in pro-life issues. Most information distributed by Priests for Life Canada is designed or directly approved by priests.

What is the purpose of Priests for Life?
Priests for Life brings together and encourages priests and all Catholics to fight the culture of death, particularly abortion and euthanasia.

What specific objectives does Priests for Life Canada have?
Priests for Life seeks to link up priests across Canada who are actively involved in the pro-life movement;

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